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About Me


Wutz good my pplz..well diz part of my site imma talk bout me!! Im Puerto Rican(yup dats right..and i luv bow wow) i live in Florida and been da biggest Bow Wow fan 4 da longest!!!! I buy his recordz , my room is full of him and supporetd him by goin 2 his concert..hopefully diz time he comez 2 Orlando!! Well dats all imma write but at da bottom imma talk bout da ppl dat i care friends..and family!! Holla bac at yo gurl!

Hey itz me again..well imma talk bout my peepz dat i luv..i wanna say hi 2 Zoe..hey ma...known u 4 2yrs and u putten up wit all my shit, i wanna thank uz 4 dat, even though we aint gonna see each otha much..we would alwayz b bestfriends,TQM..Nicole..dats my gurl right their holla bac at me, u still owe me a fight,lol, Colombiana sista, ma we been through some timez dat could neva be 4 gotten but u know u deserve 2 be happy and hope u make da right choices if u know wut i otha Colombian sista,ma thanx 4 everything and hope me and u can stay wit our manz and be happy wit our luv livez 4 a long time..cuz we aint got much luv last yea in skool ( especially las dos comos brutas fallin in Shakespears got nuttin 2 say bout u...but uz my b/f and thanxz 4 puttin up wit 4 real though, reppin fat Colombian my gurl..hope u come lil skinny went through some up and down timez..Robin...alwayz wearin good ma...representin brooklyn, uz my gurl and thanx 4 everything, hope u and yo boi last..Sandra and Daffnee..holdin it up 4 Puerto Rican brotha...thanx 4 everything pa and thanx 4 alwayz gettin me in,Kristina,Christina G. and Charleyne..wutz good..alwayz 2 u and yo boi last,me and u aint talk much diz yea but u had listen 2 muh probz and alwayz gave me advice thank u ma..Krystal..hey ma..we had sum ups and downs cuz of a fuckin boi, but we kool now,hope evrything goes aiight wit u and yo boi..Nelson..da fattest boi in da madd funny in skool..Bradley,wud up pa, wellz we exactly know each otha much but uz madd kool,thnxz 4 da teddy,lol..Terrence,me and u had sum up and downz but we still kool..Sean, damm some dayz u got me madd pissed cuz u be gettin madd 4 dumb thingz, but me and u 4 got bout doze dayz and moved on and we still kool..Christian P.,lol, muh best friend in da whole universe,lol, me and u had fun in 3rd pd, alot, thanxz 4 listenin 2 all da shyt i had 2 say...Chris C., damm there where dese dayz when i couldnt stand yo ass cuz u b actin madd dumb, but hey, dats how da boricuas b sumtymez, but uz ma boi..Dominic, we aint talk much and aint get 2 know each otha but we will soon,u seem boi Koke, also reppin DR,te me quiedas no te pongas fresko, u know wut i mean...Cindy,mi ermanita por un t.q.m..i know u been through alot of shyt lately and i know i told u b 4 but imma say it again..when eva u need some1 2 talk 2 im hea 4 u aiight,when eva u need a hug im hea,imma alwayz b hea 4 u..holla at yo gurl,bffl.....Baby B, we aint get 2 know each otha much but u seem madd kool..ohh..Jose D..boi..u need 2 get a life.neva knowin wut gurl u like,u gonna b just like diz fagget right hea >..Patrick..omg..swearin he a pimp, pa thanx 4 waistin my time...if u eva see diz i want u 2 know dat i hate u wit all heart, all u do iz treat gurlz like shyt when dey aint deserve it,trust me..i aint  gonna waiste my time again on u eva again..i gotz some1 betta dan u!!! need 2 get a life 2...Micheal, my ermanito, graciaz por todo pa, te me comportas bien, si sabes de que ablo!!..2 da pplz ive just met...Travis..u madd kool and i hope we b come da best of friends and  2 Joey, u kool but gotz 2 get 2 know u betta...umm Vanessa A, ma thank uz 4 everything u done 4 me,tank uz 4 listenin 2 all my probz and alwayz bein there 4 me,i appreciate it and hope oue friendship would last longer dan it is now, netime suttin wrong,im hea 4 u ma.....Ebony..Larissa..Jessica..Brenda A, wud ^ muh luv,L()L, uz muh gurl and hope our frienship would last long,uz 1 dat i can alwayz go 4 advice....Kam..Giolmarie..Nelly..Brittney H...Me'lisa K...Kasandra..and 2 who eva else i aint mention..sry...umm..also my baby Edrick..luv u pa, uve made me da happiest gurl in da world..i mean who wouldnt, u so fine, i think dat ever since we met ive changed in a way, and u know dat uz da 1st guy dat i have ever felt da way how i feel bout u.. but i luv u wit all my heart and i hope it would last a long ass time...2 my cuhzinz Mariely, ma thanx 4 evrything..uve alwayz been there 4 me and u know i will 4 u also...Eddy, hey cuhz,uz madd funny,hope suttin good happens wit u and ur future wife,L()L,Gerry, wud ^ cuhz, u know dat evry tyme i need some advice i go 2 u cuz u know wut 2 say and when im down i 4 sho will go 2 cuz u know how 2 make some 1 happy..Christian, hey primito, damm i gotz madd cuhz dat r funny as hell, wellz u 1 of dem and even though u getz on muh last nerves sometimez i still gotz luv 4 uz...well ne how 2 all yall thanxz 4 everything and thanx 4 bein there 4 me...luv u guyz...and 2 all my gente en Puerto Rico..mi familia, dios los bendiga, los quiero mucho!!


!!!LUV YAZ!!!