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Bow Wow World

Wud up my peepz? Welcome to da illest Bow Wow website u will ever see! Diz wuz made 4 da Bow Wow fans!Well enjoy!



Facts bout my baby:

 Name:Shad Gregory Moss  (Bow Wow)

Mom's Name:Teresa Caldwell

Stepfather's Name:Rodney Caldwell

Siblings: 2 sisters:Erica and Jasarah

Born:March 9,1987


Hair: Brown

 Born:  Columbus,Ohio suburb of Reynoldsburg

Biggest Musical Influences:Snoop Dogg and Jermaine Dupri Jay-Z

Favorite Foods:Italian

Favorite Sports:Basketball and Football

Favorite b-ball Team:76ers

Favorite player:Allen Iverson

Record Label:So So def/Columbia

Hobbies:Playing sports and popular video games

Clothes Brand:Sean John,Phat Farm,Pelle Pelle,Gucci



Pets:a dog(boxer)named soljia and a turtle

Founder:Snoop Dogg

Officail Website:(


 Bow Wow has changed alot since he's been on brake! He cut his hair..his voice changed and he grew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look at his new hair cut
=>    =>    =>

Bow Wow's cd is out on July make sure u get 4 his video on 106&park and on trl..also his new clothing line is out...u can get it in Macys or in any hip hop stores and 4 da gurlz..our clothes will be out by next year..Bow Wow would be in a movie featuring Solange, Cedric "The Entertainer" and Vanessa Williams. Bow Wow has also signed up 2 make his own sitcom in make sure yall check dat out...Bow Wow wont be in Scream Tour 3 but will be makin an Unleashed Tour..and make sure u get da cd single of "Lets Get Down" which is out now!


Wanna contact me..holla at yo gurl in diz email adress!